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5 factors which can change reconstruction
Renewal work
Total support is offered for building refurbishing from start to finish.
Recreation of the value of the customers’ real estate is achieved, which other companies cannot offer.
Estimate service
Objective appraisal of the real estate property and reasonable construction assessment work.
Proposals for real-estate renovation work raising the present value to the highest degree possible.
Restoration and improvement
Prompt response to transfer of tenancies, which is the factor of greatest concern to owner and tenant.
Prompt response to engineering required during tenancy, which is an important tenant service.
Advanced support
Proposals for demolition engineering and for measures to reduce environmental impact, which precede decisions on how to deal with existing buildings.
Responds with proposals for effective use as well of course as proposals for demolition engineering and environment impact proposals.
Makes new proposals for the most effective real estate work from a viewpoint fixed on the future.
Contributes to the creation of new real estate value including consideration of sale and securitization.
Maintenance work
The ability to respond promptly with maintenance, which makes the greatest contribution to maintaining the value of the building.
Making plans for daily maintenance and repairs to equipment and carrying out refitting and improvements.

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