Renovation Flowimage
5 factors which can change reconstruction
Preparations beforehand
Discussions/explanation of details
A grasp of the situation after the hearing and arrangements for the assignment
Survey and diagnosis of the site
Visual inspection
Interview survey
Proposal for a diagnostic schedule dealing with the items assessed for the building.
Preparation of a written report with analysis and evaluation.
Planning and design of renovation
Proposals for a construction schedule to address the items for renovation.
Creation of a model plan and decisions about the occupation layout.
Explanation of the construction method.
Fixing the management rules for construction on the building side.
Construction estimate
Making operation plan
Start of construction
After agreeing to a contract, construction will be carried out efficiently using construction methods and technology adapted to the task.
During the construction period, service for the other tenants will be prepared and maintained.
Completion of construction and hand over
When necessary, support will be offered with removal and relocation.
Hand over
After service
Maintenance engineering by a technically competent staff

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